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The Poly-Monde student initiative brings together 23 future engineers selected for their professional qualities and their curiosity towards foreign cultures and international innovation and engineering. Through an industrial mission in Canada and abroad, they seek to understand the global industrial context marked by the emergence of new markets, international competition and globalization. For more than 3 decades, the countries visited during the mission are selected each year for their leadership in key industrial sectors of the economy. The 2020 Mission therefore focuses on three historically strong sectors of the industry in Canada, Iceland and Norway.

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Thanks to their geography, natural resources and socio-economic context, the regions studied have been able to promote the development of hydrocarbons and renewable energy. They are leaders in the energy transition, notably through the electrification of their transportation.



In a context of densification of cities and rural exodus, the three regions, characterized by their northern climates, stand out with their innovative design of sustainable buildings and common spaces, road infrastructure, transport and public services.


Whether it is by automating the logistics of goods, by making ferries greener or modernizing the management of marine species dedicated to consumption, the maritime industry is in full evolution in Quebec, Iceland and Norway.


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